1)Heartwarming Genesis: The Miraculous Birth of Lord Brahma

Lord Brahma

Lord Brahma, is considered as one of Hinduism’s main deities, also revered as the universe’s architect. Lord Brahma, holds a crucial position, in the holy trinity, referred as Hindu Trimurti, composed of Lord Brahma (the creator), Lord Vishnu (the preserver), and Lord Shiva (the destroyer). Brahma is not as widely worshipped as other deities like Vishnu and Shiva, despite being a highly revered deity.

According to the Hindu mythology, Lord Brahma emerges from a cosmic golden egg known as the “Hiranyagarbha” or the “Golden Womb.” Portrayed as having four faces, Lord Brahma, frequently, each face stands for one of the four Vedas, the oldest holy books of Hinduism. His four limbs, signify his creative abilities and the four cardinal directions (North, South, East, and West).

Story of Lord Brahma about his birth

According to Hindu mythology, Lord Brahma, one the most venerated gods, created the cosmos. His narrative includes the continual cycle of genesis, preservation, and annihilation, in the timeless region of eternity. Brahman is considered as the divine and almighty power. At the beginning of time, Lord Brahma appeared as a manifestation of Brahman.

According to the legendary story, Brahman, the highest mind, wished to manifest the universe at the beginning of creation. A celestial lotus emerged from this passion. Lord Brahma, who was dressed in shining golden robes, sat in its middle of the lotus, which had hundreds of petals. Lord Brahma emerged, as the lotus spread its fragrance, filling the entire cosmos with beautiful odor.

Standing for the four vedas, the four faces of Lord Brahma, refer the personification of knowledge and wisdom, according to the historic Hindu texts. Symbolizing his omniscience and all-pervasive nature, East, West, North, and South were each represented by a cardinal face. Signifying his power to create and guard the universe, Lord Brahma had an infinite number of arms, each clutching a sacred item or a weapon.

Understanding his duty as the creator to bring order to the disorderly cosmos, Brahma observed the vastness of the lotus. Brahma sought the help of a consort, in the enormous endeavor. A lovely goddess appeared, who was revered as Goddess Saraswati, the personification of wisdom, creativity, and music, when he was thinking about his invention. Mesmerized by her beauty and grace, Lord Brahma approached her to seek for help with the creation of the cosmos.

Saraswati who is considered as the goddess of wisdom, was aware of the difficulties associated with the duty of creation. Saraswati asked for assurance and respect for her position,after confiding in Brahma her worries. Brahma resolved to treat Saraswati equally and pledged to show her respect after comprehending the significance of her position and appreciating her wisdom.

Lord Brahma and Goddess Saraswati had a shared goal. Both started the heavenly work of creation. Together, they created the Devas, the earthly creatures, the celestial beings, and the complex ecosystems that make up the fabric of life. Lord Brahma, painstakingly created the universe and Goddess Saraswati added knowledge, creativity, and harmony to it.

Lord Brahma is not as universally revered as other Hindu gods, despite his heavenly attributes. Lord Brahma, is regarded as the supreme creator, though his influence lessens after the initial act of creation. People seek his blessings for new beginnings, learning, and wisdom.
His presence is valued at important gatherings and festivals.

The tale of Lord Brahma exemplifies the harmonious collaboration between divine feminine and masculine forces, illustrating the cyclical nature of the universe’s creation, emphasizing the importance of discernment, education, and mutual respect in the pursuit of creativity.

Lord Brahma

Mantra of Lord Brahma

The mantra of Lord Brahma in Sanskrit is:

ॐ ब्रह्माय नमः

(Om Brahmāya Namah)

This mantra is a salutation to Lord Brahma, the creator of the universe according to Hindu mythology. Reciting this mantra is believed to invoke the blessings and guidance of Lord Brahma and to seek wisdom, creativity, and divine knowledge.

Aarti of Lord Brahma

Shri Brahma Ji Aarti (श्री ब्रह्मा जी आरती)

पितु मातु सहायक स्वामी सखा , तुम ही एक नाथ हमारे हो।

जिनके कुछ और आधार नहीं , तिनके तुम ही रखवारे हो ।

सब भॉति सदा सुखदायक हो , दुख निर्गुण नाशन हरे हो ।

प्रतिपाल करे सारे जग को, अतिशय करुणा उर धारे हो ।

भूल गये हैं हम तो तुमको , तुम तो हमरी सुधि नहिं बिसारे हो ।

उपकारन को कछु अंत नहीं, छिन्न ही छिन्न जो विस्तारे हो ।

महाराज महा महिमा तुम्हारी, मुझसे विरले बुधवारे हो ।

शुभ शांति निकेतन प्रेम निधि , मन मंदिर के उजियारे हो ।

इस जीवन के तुम ही जीवन हो , इन प्राणण के तुम प्यारे हो में ।

तुम सों प्रभु पये कमल हरि, केहि के अब और सहारे हो ।

॥ इति श्री ब्रह्मा आरती ॥

Meaning of the Aarti of Lord Brahma

You are our parents’ closest friend and companion; you are the only one who can look after us.

You are the only protector and rescuer for people who lack any other means of assistance.

You are the eternal source of happiness and light, eradicating all sorrows and pain.

You have unfathomable compassion and love for the entire globe.

Even when we forget about you, you never do and never stop thinking about us.

Your goodness and kindness are endless for those who seek you out.

O Maharaja, you are unique and remarkable in the world for your splendor and greatness.

Chalisa of Lord Brahma

॥ दोहा॥

जय ब्रह्मा जय स्वयम्भू,
चतुरानन सुखमूल ।

करहु कृपा निज दास पै,
रहहु सदा अनुकूल ।

तुम सृजक ब्रह्माण्ड के,
अज विधि घाता नाम ।

विश्वविधाता कीजिये,
जन पै कृपा ललाम ।

जय जय कमलासान जगमूला,
रहहू सदा जनपै अनुकूला ।

रुप चतुर्भुज परम सुहावन,
तुम्हें अहैं चतुर्दिक आनन ।

रक्तवर्ण तव सुभग शरीरा,
मस्तक जटाजुट गंभीरा ।

ताके ऊपर मुकुट विराजै,
दाढ़ी श्वेत महाछवि छाजै ।

श्वेतवस्त्र धारे तुम सुन्दर,
है यज्ञोपवीत अति मनहर ।

कानन कुण्डल सुभग विराजहिं,
गल मोतिन की माला राजहिं ।

चारिहु वेद तुम्हीं प्रगटाये,
दिव्य ज्ञान त्रिभुवनहिं सिखाये ।

ब्रह्मलोक शुभ धाम तुम्हारा,
अखिल भुवन महँ यश विस्तारा ।

अर्द्धागिनि तव है सावित्री,
अपर नाम हिये गायत्री ।

सरस्वती तब सुता मनोहर,
वीणा वादिनि सब विधि मुन्दर ।

कमलासन पर रहे विराजे,
तुम हरिभक्ति साज सब साजे ।

क्षीर सिन्धु सोवत सुरभूपा,
नाभि कमल भो प्रगट अनूपा ।

तेहि पर तुम आसीन कृपाला,
सदा करहु सन्तन प्रतिपाला ।

एक बार की कथा प्रचारी,
तुम कहँ मोह भयेउ मन भारी ।

कमलासन लखि कीन्ह बिचारा,
और न कोउ अहै संसारा ।

तब तुम कमलनाल गहि लीन्हा,
अन्त विलोकन कर प्रण कीन्हा ।

कोटिक वर्ष गये यहि भांती,
भ्रमत भ्रमत बीते दिन राती ।

पै तुम ताकर अन्त न पाये,
ह्वै निराश अतिशय दुःखियाये ।

पुनि बिचार मन महँ यह कीन्हा
महापघ यह अति प्राचीन ।

याको जन्म भयो को कारन,
तबहीं मोहि करयो यह धारन ।

अखिल भुवन महँ कहँ कोई नाहीं,
सब कुछ अहै निहित मो माहीं ।

यह निश्चय करि गरब बढ़ायो,
निज कहँ ब्रह्म मानि सुखपाये ।

गगन गिरा तब भई गंभीरा,
ब्रह्मा वचन सुनहु धरि धीरा ।

सकल सृष्टि कर स्वामी जोई,
ब्रह्म अनादि अलख है सोई ।

निज इच्छा इन सब निरमाये,
ब्रह्मा विष्णु महेश बनाये ।

सृष्टि लागि प्रगटे त्रयदेवा,
सब जग इनकी करिहै सेवा ।

महापघ जो तुम्हरो आसन,
ता पै अहै विष्णु को शासन ।

विष्णु नाभितें प्रगट्यो आई,
तुम कहँ सत्य दीन्ह समुझाई ।

भैतहू जाई विष्णु हितमानी,
यह कहि बन्द भई नभवानी ।

ताहि श्रवण कहि अचरज माना,
पुनि चतुरानन कीन्ह पयाना ।

कमल नाल धरि नीचे आवा,
तहां विष्णु के दर्शन पावा ।

शयन करत देखे सुरभूपा,
श्यायमवर्ण तनु परम अनूपा ।

सोहत चतुर्भुजा अतिसुन्दर,
क्रीटमुकट राजत मस्तक पर ।

गल बैजन्ती माल विराजै,
कोटि सूर्य की शोभा लाजै ।

शंख चक्र अरु गदा मनोहर,
पघ नाग शय्या अति मनहर ।

दिव्यरुप लखि कीन्ह प्रणामू,
हर्षित भे श्रीपति सुख धामू ।

बहु विधि विनय कीन्ह चतुरानन,
तब लक्ष्मी पति कहेउ मुदित मन ।

ब्रह्मा दूरि करहु अभिमाना,
ब्रह्मारुप हम दोउ समाना ।

तीजे श्री शिवशंकर आहीं,
ब्रह्मरुप सब त्रिभुवन मांही ।

 तुम सों होई सृष्टि विस्तारा,
हम पालन करिहैं संसारा ।

शिव संहार करहिं सब केरा,
हम तीनहुं कहँ काज घनेरा ।

अगुणरुप श्री ब्रह्मा बखानहु,
निराकार तिनकहँ तुम जानहु ।

हम साकार रुप त्रयदेवा,
करिहैं सदा ब्रह्म की सेवा ।

यह सुनि ब्रह्मा परम सिहाये,
परब्रह्म के यश अति गाये ।

सो सब विदित वेद के नामा,
मुक्ति रुप सो परम ललामा ।

यहि विधि प्रभु भो जनम तुम्हारा,
पुनि तुम प्रगट कीन्ह संसारा ।

नाम पितामह सुन्दर पायेउ,
जड़ चेतन सब कहँ निरमायेउ ।

लीन्ह अनेक बार अवतारा,
सुन्दर सुयश जगत विस्तारा ।

देवदनुज सब तुम कहँ ध्यावहिं,
मनवांछित तुम सन सब पावहिं ।

जो कोउ ध्यान धरै नर नारी,
ताकी आस पुजावहु सारी ।

पुष्कर तीर्थ परम सुखदाई,
तहँ तुम बसहु सदा सुरराई ।

कुण्ड नहाइ करहि जो पूजन,
ता कर दूर होई सब दूषण ।

Meaning of the lord Brahma Chalisa

Here is the meaning of the Lord Brahma Chalisa in English:

Doha (Introductory Couplet):
“Victory to Lord Brahma, victory to the self-existent one,
The four-faced one, the root of happiness.
Bestow your grace upon your devotee,
May I always remain favored by you.”


“Victory, victory to the lotus-seated, the root of the universe,
Always be favorable to your devotees.”

“Your beautiful four-armed form is supremely charming,
Your divine face shines in all four directions.”

“Your complexion is like the red lotus, and your body is graceful,
Your matted hair is adorned with a majestic crown.”

“Upon your head rests a shining crown,
Your white beard enhances your divine appearance.”

“You wear white garments, looking splendid,
A sacred thread adorns your attractive form.”

“Beautiful earrings adorn your ears,
A necklace of pearls graces your neck.”

“You have revealed all the four Vedas,
Imparting divine knowledge to the three worlds.”

“Your divine abode is Brahma-loka,
Your fame spreads throughout the entire universe.”

“You are the Ardhangini (consort) of Savitri,
Your other name is Gayatri.”

“Goddess Saraswati, your lovely daughter,
Is a skilled veena player and wears divine garlands.”

“You, seated on the lotus, look magnificent,
Adorning the devotees with your divine love.”

“You recline on the serpent Ananta in the ocean of milk,
Your navel is the source of Lord Vishnu.”

“Sitting there, you are compassionate,
Always protecting and nurturing your devotees.”

“Once, this story was narrated widely,
And it filled my heart with devotion.”

“Seeing Lord Brahma distressed,
No one in the world could comfort him.”

“Then, in despair, Lord Brahma looked up,
And saw Lord Vishnu in his lotus navel.”

“He embraced the lotus and looked inside,
And saw the divine form of Lord Vishnu.”

“For millions of years, he gazed in wonder,
And days and nights passed in contemplation.”

“Brahma searched everywhere in vain,
Feeling extremely disappointed and miserable.”

“Again, he contemplated deeply in his mind,
Trying to understand the ancient mystery.”

“He thought, ‘Who is the cause of my existence?
Who can I rely on in this world?'”

“With firm determination, he increased his pride,
And considered himself to be the Supreme Being.”

“Lord Shiva appeared, and Brahma humbly listened to him,
Accepting the truth with a composed mind.”

“Brahma then explained his pride and arrogance,
And both Brahma and Vishnu were equal.”

“Shiva, who was in the form of a human being,
Listened carefully to their discussion.”

“He said that all the Vedas are your names,
And salvation is the ultimate truth.”

“Hearing this, Lord Brahma was amazed,
And both Brahma and Vishnu praised the Supreme Being.”

“Thus, all the Vedas and scriptures acknowledge,
That Brahma, Vishnu, and Shiva are one.”

“They all serve the Supreme Lord,
And protect and sustain the entire universe.”

“Lord Vishnu emerged from your navel,
You declared the truth to Brahma.”

“The devoted Goddess Lakshmi resides in you,
And she praised you, saying you are the Supreme.”

“You, the formless and beautiful Brahma,
Know everything, and yet, you are beyond comprehension.”

“We three gods, with distinct forms,
Always serve the formless Brahma.”

“Hearing this, Lord Brahma praised you,
And glorified the Supreme God.”

“The Vedas describe you as the nameless one,
The formless and the source of salvation.”

“You are the ultimate truth, O Lord Brahma,
And the universe was created by your will.”

“The trinity of gods appears for creation,
And the entire world worships them.”

“But when it comes to the great sins,
It is Lord Vishnu who rules.”

“Vishnu emerges from your navel,
You explain this truth to everyone.”

“Lord Vishnu’s well-wisher, I tell this story,
And all the gods sing praises of the Supreme Lord.”

“Brahma, who knows all the Vedas,
Finds salvation by chanting the Supreme Lord’s name.”

“In this manner, the great Lord Brahma
Again manifested in various incarnations.”

“Seeing the gods and demons, he meditated on you,
And blessed all according to their desires.”

“Whoever meditates on you, men or women,
Their every wish is fulfilled.”

“At the holy Pushkar Tirtha, one attains immense happiness,
And there, you always reside surrounded by gods.”

“Performing any worship there,
All sins and afflictions are removed.”

The Lord Brahma Chalisa concludes here, praising the divine qualities and glories of Lord Brahma, the creator of the universe, and invoking his blessings. Devotees recite this chalisa to seek the grace of Lord Brahma and attain spiritual upliftment and happiness in life.

What is the significance of the Lord Brahma?

One of Hinduism’s main deities, Lord Brahma, is revered as the universe’s architect. In the Hindu Trimurti, the holy trinity composed of Lord Brahma (the creator), Lord Vishnu (the preserver), and Lord Shiva (the destroyer), he holds a crucial position. Despite being a highly revered deity, Brahma is not as widely worshipped as other deities like Vishnu and Shiva.

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